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Plasterer in Gravesend Kent

Need to know more on building an outside wall or a ceiling wrap-up in Gravesend Kent? Here are some tips on getting the job done. Getting the plastering done for exterior wall is no easy prospect. So gear up for a professional plasterer who can help you get your home floors, ceilings and walls look like new ones.

A plasterer is a tradesman who has a knack to create the plasterwork for building, construction, remolding of decorative fixtures. With a good skilled plasterer working for you, you can count him for creative work with best quality and that to with a decent price. Now that you know you need the best craftsmen in your area, look forward to getting a contract with some of them at the earliest. Before deciding on the one to call, you need to understand some basic plastering techniques.


Plasterer in Dartford Kent

A plasterer's job entails installing plasterboards in newly built homes as well as buildings. Being a

plasterer in Dartford

also means that you will have to work on the plastering of solid walls, but high levels of skill and expertise is required for that. Plasterers also possess expertise in floor, ceiling and wall restoration. Another area for installing plasterboards is the outdoors including garden walls, which becomes possible because of the waterproofing of plasterboards.

The installation and repair of plasterboards entails many steps on part of the plasterer. Other than performing installation in newly constructed buildings, plasterers also perform repair and maintenance on plasterboards during renovation projects. Due to the complexity involved with the installation of gyprock plasterboards, only professionals with extensive experience can perform the job, as it requires precision in measurements. (more...)

Plastering and Skimming, what you need to know!

Much consideration is given to the quality of a product in today's world. This is due to modern development. The quality of a product is identified through a number of variables such as the appearance, durability, and the function of the product. When we talk about appearance of any building, plastering and


are very important. A plasterer's job is a critical one since he helps to bring out quality product with better appearance.

Plastering increases fire resistance on a building and gives a wall wear resistance. It also gives the wall a better appearance. A plasterer needs to have excellent plastering skills in order to deliver quality work. Clay tiles, rough masonry and porous rocks need two coats of plastering. However, there are different types of plasters: the cement plaster, the lime plaster and the gypsum plaster. Plaster that is made from cement, sand and water is called cement plaster. The cement plaster is usually applied on walls where masonry work is done. Lime plaster consists of lime and water and the gypsum plaster is made simply by adding water to calcium sulphate. (more...)

Drylining Techniques

There are so many different dry lining techniques out there today it can be difficult to decide which one is going to best for your needs and ability – especially if you want to try and save some cash and do it yourself (and in times when petrol is constantly going up as is the cost of food, who in their right mind will not try save money?). One of the most popular dry lining techniques is to use plastering. Dry lining using plastering is very popular when stud walls need to be drylined and can also be used on masonry walls.

The main difference between


with plastering and using normal plasterboard is that it has a slightly sunken area at the edge of the board which is also tapered. The plasterboard surface is then used as the decorative area which is either painted or has wallpaper layered on top of it. (more...)

Two Coat Plaster, what you need to know!

The art of using plaster to create decorative construction or ornamentation is known as plastering or plasterwork. Plastering is performed on exterior surfaces especially walls but also on interior surfaces including walls and ceilings. Plastering a surface is not an easy task especially if you do not have any experience which is why if you are in need of professional plasterwork, you should hire a professional. The art of plastering takes time to master.

There are different coats of plastering. There are the one coat plastering, the two coat plastering and the three coat plastering. However, in this article, we will focus only on the two coat application and tell you all you need to know on

two coat plaster

. (more...)

Internal Rendering

If you are thinking of saving a bit of money (and in today’s tough economic times, who isn’t?) and doing your own plastering and internal rendering on your the walls of either your new home, or a new wing or addition to your property, it is always good to know the ins and outs when it comes to plastering and internal rendering before you get started – this will save you both time and money.

Okay, so internal rendering as opposed to external rendering simply means that you are covering brick or stone of walls that will be inside a property as opposed to walls that have to deal with the outside elements (think rain, wind, sunlight and possibly fire). Internal rendering for plastering will then have slightly different requirements for plastering than external rendering for plastering which will need to withstand tougher conditions. Internal rendering must be scratch resistant, breathable and appropriate for decorating or covering with things like wallpaper, tiles and similar coatings.

Normally with an (more...)

External Rendering techniques and finishes


external render

is the ideal protection for walls. It is long lasting and weather resistant. It provides excellent bond strength to the wall. Some materials such as earth should always be rendered; while, other materials such as brick and stone does not have to be rendered but can be rendered. Not only render is applied to earth, brick and stone. Plaster can also be applied to all these material.

Before planning to render a wall, there are few things to keep in mind. For decayed render to be repaired, the wall should be brushed off to remove the loose material. Only then the external render can bond properly to the wall. (more...)

Coving, What You Need to Know

Coving is one of those things that you don't really consciously register when it's present, but you would likely notice if it were not. Coving bridges the gap between the walls and celing in a room and hides the harsh dividing line, softening the transition between the two surfaces so that they meld harmoniously. The strip of coving thus makes your room look more like part of a civilised dwelling than a garden shed.

All fine traditional houses were built with properly finished interiors that used coving of various type and design to give a sophisticated appearance, often together with an elaborately decorated ceiling rose surrounding the central light fitting in a room. Nowadays, many houses are of more modest proportions but coving still gives the rooms that finishing touch. However, designs tend to be simpler, and the simplest type of coving usually has a concave face so that it introduces a natural curve and always looks pleasing to the eye.


Metal Stud Partitions

Metal stud systems are often used to create a framework on to which plasterboard is attached. The great thing about using metal stud partitions in order to help you with plastering is that it is so much faster than other methods of installations. Another bonus about using metal stud partitions for plastering is that it is a lot cheaper than other methods like timber battons. This is an increasingly important consideration in today's tough economic climate where the price of everything keeps going up and up, from food and fuel to property.

Metal Stud Partitions

are generally used in two plastering applications. The first application is in vertical walls - think partitions and wall linings and they can also be used in horizontal ceiling applications. Metal stud partitions are a popular option with builders because of their versatility and the fact that they offer extremely high levels of fire protection and noise reduction which is often an important consideration in many buildings like apartment blocks and offices in our increasingly congested world. (more...)

MF Ceilings

Ceilings that are non-load bearing, are usually constructed using a metal frame and are called

MF Ceilings

. In terms of appearance options, these ceilings give a lot of versatility. If you want variations in lighting and level, you can easily add curves to it. Vinyl, wallpaper and painting are some of the methods you can use for making the finished surface.

MF ceilings also have other advantages. The metal frame makes these ceilings fire resistance. The installation of the ceiling is done using specialized retardant plaster boards. The MF ceiling system also allows you to add soundproofing features if you require. To give an MF ceiling a monolithic look, plasterboard is fixed to the metal frame. These plaster boards are mostly vinyl, painted, skimmed or filled. (more...)

Tape and Joint, what you need to know!

At one point or another you may decide to make adjustments to your home, either by decorating it with new appliances or pictures or adding paint to the walls. There are tons of ways to decorate ones home and completely revamp its appearance. The choices are virtually limitless and the decisions are entirely up to the homeowner.

One great way to change the appearance of ones home is to paint it, either by painting the outside of the home or the inside. There are thousands of colors to choose from and different styles to perform the paint job. All of the rooms in your house can change before your eyes with a simple paint job. But one important thing you need to remember before you begin to paint is the

Tape & Joint

. (more...)

Plasterer Covering London South East

Honestly speaking, it is never easy to find a reliable and trustworthy plasterer in London especially London South East. There are many in the market but most of them are not reliable therefore it is highly recommended that you should stay away from them. Well, you can find info about them in the yellow pages but you never know how much reliable they are. So, there is always a risk involved.

The best way to find the most reliable

South London Plasterer

is to take help from someone who lives in your area and has hired one in past. He can guide you in a better in finding the perfect plasterer. In this way you are most likely to find one who is not only reliable but honest with his work and you can take a sigh of relief as a honest worker will never disappear leaving the work undone. (more...)

Plasterer covering North Kent

Plastering is often looked down at, as if it were a task so simple, that everyone could do it. However, plastering requires more skill than most would expect. It’s not only a highly accurate skill, it can also be quite artistic.

As plastering is a part of building construction, it has been around for quite a long time. Plasterers can be found anywhere these days. A

Kent Plasterer

will obviously provide you with services in the Kent area. These services may vary from interior plastering to exterior plastering, and in case you are able to find a good plasterer, he may provide you with both. (more...)

Plasterer covering Essex

Plastering actually seems like an easy job, especially when if you are lucky enough to see a professional plasterer in action. People may argue about that one. But professional plasterers with their “range of skills” and time-honored formula always beat the D.I.Y stuff done at home. If you are in need of a good plasterer in Essex, you must make sure that you hire the one that can meet your needs.

It can be a difficult task to filter through the many and to find a dependable and honest

Essex Plasterer.

Essex however will provide you with access to varied communication modems like internet, newspapers, radio and television which will definitely make the task an easy one. But how do we round off a “good” plasterer? Neighbors can be of great help in finding out a reputable company of plasterers. You can make use of the local information or you can check the forums for reviews on them to find the one person you need. Do ensure that the plasterer has up to date insurance covered for any liabilities to property. Enjoy the peace of mind by getting the best one for your job. (more...)

Plasterer covering Romford Essex

Plasterers are professionals who can be found in the construction industry. They apply plasters to walls and ceilings. This plaster creates a smooth and finished look for both exterior and interior walls and ceilings. A

plasterer in Romford Essex

may work to repair an existing building or to work on a new construction. In addition to creating a decorative look on a wall or ceiling, a plasterer may also be involved in the creation of architectural details. This enhances the overall look of a building or space.

For basic and simple plastering jobs, the plasterer will begin with a solid surface. Sometimes an even coat of gypsum is applied. This is done to the facing of the ceiling or wall. This creates a neat surface without any problems. It is also wise to use gypsum. Gypsum is a mineral compound. It is a common name used today for calcium or sulphate of lime. It can be found underground mostly near deposit of limestone or other minerals. (more...)

Plastering Carried out in Dagenham Essex

The work of a plasterer is a very skillful one. His work involves the responsibility of performing skilled plastering work on different surfaces. The plastering must always be of high standard in accordance with standard trade practices. A plasterer works independently but his work is definitely subjected to review. The review deals with looking at the quality of the finished result and the speed taken to complete the job. Plastering is one of the most ancient techniques used in designing and decorating a building.

History shows that early man used sticks to plaster walls with mud. Such work is still evident on the pyramids of Egypt. This kind of plastering was done thousands of years ago and is as hard and durable as the plastering work done today.

Dagenham is a town and a settlement which is a part of northeast England. Finding a (more...)

Plastering carried out in Barking Essex

In northeast London, there is a suburban town called Barking. Barking consists of a number of listed buildings which are structures and buildings that are considered to be of special historic and architectural interest. These buildings are known for their decorative qualities of which plastering plays an important role.

Plasterer in Barking

may seem easy but it is not easy task. It is actually a very tricky task because plasterers need to make sure that the plaster is smooth and creamy so that it can be properly glided onto the surface. Only when the plaster is properly applied will it dry out evenly to create a perfectly flat and smooth surface. (more...)

Plastering Carried Out in Hornchurch

Actually, there are two purposes behind rendering. The first one is to attain weatherproof walls and the second one is to give a better look and texture to the walls. Plastering a building requires loads of skills as there are certain areas which should be plastered with great care and proper technique. This can only be learnt if one has proper skills and experience in the field. If in case one does not have required skills and experience, it is very important to have basic knowledge.

One thing must be kept in mind that a lime plaster takes comparatively more time to set and is somewhat weak therefore a specific amount of cement is added to increase the strength of the plaster. The amount of added cement depends on the type of plaster and one learns this technique with the experience. However, if you add too much cement in the plaster then it will be difficult for you to work with. Therefore, make sure that you only add adequate amount of the cement.

Well, (more...)

Plastering undertaken in Brentwood

Among the techniques used in the modern buildings of Brentwood, one of the most ancient one is plasterwork, which is considered a handicraft. Early evidence shows that in the primitive age, sticks were simply plastered using mud. Soon, aesthetics came into it and longer lasting materials were used instead of slime and mud. In all this, the role of the plasterer was an important one, involving skill.

The Pyramids of Egypt feature some of the strongest plasterwork, which is hard even after four thousand years. In those times, the tools that a plasterer used were almost similar in design, purpose and shape to those used today. The Egyptians used plaster made using gypsum, which was much like Plaster of Paris, which is a modern material. Plasterers from the past used reeds for plastering just like today’s plasterers of Brentwood use lath for the same purpose. In the early ancient Greek architecture, one can find a lot of use of plaster. In Greece, art reached a level of perfection 5 centuries B.C. Temples were also covered from internally and externally using plaster. In marble buildings, plaster was used for making the ground for the purpose of beautiful decorative painting, which has become an art form during this period in the Grecian history. A plasterer was considered an artful master in this.


Plastering in Gillingham Kent

Plaster has been defined in terms of a blend made from water, gypsum, fiber and sand, used for the hardening of even concrete surface. Walls and ceilings are also covered with the use of plaster. Using plastering for repair and to build walls requires special skill and knowledge. If you need work done on your house and are looking for a company to handle it for you, make sure that you hire one with a good reputation.

Make sure that the company you choose has people with skills of floating, skimming and external and internal plastering among others. A high quality plastering job and affordability are the features that are essential. Advanced finish of the work is another main aspect of plastering you should look for. Considering that it is quite difficult to find a good and reliable plastering company, you should use these features as choosing criteria.

To find a reliable (more...)

Looking For a Plasterer in Maidstone Kent?

If you are planning to build an outer wall, or require ceiling resurfacing, it might be time for you to call a

Maidstone Kent Plasterer.

Plasterers are skilled tradesmen who are experts in plastering almost any project, they help build and restore ceilings, floors and walls, as well as building decor fixtures and outdoor walls. Just like with most skilled craftsmen, great plasterers are few which makes it difficult to find a good one easily if you want a good job done and at a fair cost.

There are two main reasons why people seek plasterers, the first one is fibrous plastering, and the other is solid plastering. Solid plastering is the application of plaster finishes creating a smooth finish on surfaces such as driveways, floors, and walls. This may also entail adding a protective layer such as pebble dashing on the outer walls. Fibrous plastering on the other hand refers to ornamental plastering and the best examples include ceiling roses, ornamental columns often made in design workshops and with moulds. This work entails more designing, and you might experience some collusion between the plasterer and the exterior or interior designer on such projects. (more...)

Quality Plasterer in Swanley Kent

In England in the Sevenoaks District of Kent, the town which is also a civil parish known as Swanley is located. This town is known for having the perfect mixture of private housing and social housing. These buildings depict London’s south-eastern outskirts perfectly with their skillful craftsmanship. One of the most fascinating aspects of these buildings are the decorative plastering done by skilled plasterer.

A plasterer is a skilled craftsman with range of skills spanning from plastering, restoring floors, ceilings and walls and also creating decorative moldings. The main task of plasterer is to paste layers of plaster to repair, restore the existing décor or decorate the interiors.

There are a few things to be kept in mind before hiring a plasterer for any (more...)

Plasterer Covering Sevenoaks Kent

Plastering is the process used to produce an acceptable finish to a wall or ceiling of a building for decoration purposes. Plastering is considered by many people to be an art and entails a variety of skills.

A plasterer is a craftsman with lots of skills. He spreads the plasterer materials over a substrate. This is to produce a smooth finish which is required by the client. A plaster applies and fixes external and internal lining of both domestic and commercial buildings. This is done for decorative purposes or sometimes to protect coverings made from plaster, cements or any other similar materials.

Plastering requires a certain amount of specialized skills that can take someone years to perfect. Therefore, if you do not have the skills, it is always wise to hire a professional plasterer to do the job. Sevenoaks Kent has a number of professionals who are trained and qualified. They are known for their good work of plastering. Today, Sevenoaks Kent has a number of companies that provide plastering services and will assist you to get the kind of plaster that suits your building type. They are always willing to give advice. There are many online sites where the client checks the reviews of the companies. Putting on the wrong plaster can cause a number of problems especially if the building cannot get enough air. Choosing an expert (more...)

Plasterer Covering Tonbridge Kent

Plastering for the wall and ceilings is more preferred when compared to dry walls, even though it is expensive and bit tough to hold up where repairs are concerned. Plaster provides a durable surface which is easy to clean and could be applied to any surface, flat or curved. It also has other advantages like moisture resistance, fire resistance and also reduces sound transmission. For the multi usage, plaster walls and ceilings contribute to the decorative edges and the buildings interior.

For those of you who live in Tonbridge Kent, you will definitely experience damage to your existing plasterwork. How do you deal with this? Damage to plaster will need attention of a professional

plasterer in Tonbridge Kent

. Cosmetic damages like hairline cracks, holes and ceiling plasters can be repaired without the demolition of the building. However, major structural damages should be corrected and replaced entirely. (more...)

Plasterer Covering Royal Tunbridge Wells

Across the world and in the UK, you will find different kinds of plastering techniques, and some of them can actually make a room look more spacious. Nevertheless, people will barely notice the difference since the overall effects of the different techniques add to the room’s interior design. As you seek a

Plasterer Royal Tunbridge Wells

you will find that they use a mixture of different techniques, some of which are more rustic, in semi and rough circles, and even vertical and horizontal lines, which is something that other people would spend hours trying to remove.

When trying to improve a home, one of the best investments that one can make include ensuring that you have flat surfaces, which are either tiles or painted, which one can do as DIY, or hire a specialist to ensure that you get a long lasting time saving plastering finish. (more...)

Adding Plaster to your Home

Building a home is a fun and exciting journey filled with sweat and laughter; and decorating that home is even better. Home owners have the option of decorating their homes in a multitude of ways, from the walls surrounding them to the furniture placed inside. With so many fun and exciting ways to decorate a home, it’s no wonder why so many people enjoy the experience.

There are several ways to decorate a home. One of the most popular ways of decorating a home is with the use of


. Plastering is easy because the plaster is soft which makes it incredibly easy to manipulate; much easier than other typical construction material. With plaster being such an easy material to work with most home owners choose to create most decorations on their own; however others have their creations made by a professional plasterer. (more...)

Plasterers In Maidstone: Get The Very Best!

If you are looking for professionals to handle a major building or renovation project, you’ll most likely hire a plasterer at some point. Plastering is a profession that covers a wide range of skills that are acquired in a classroom as well as [1] over a period of time. While there are some skills that take years to perfect, others are easily learnt.  However, all skills are extremely important in completing any project you have.

There are varied types of plastering in the market today, and your choice is dependent on your preferences as well as the design elements of the rest of the house (especially if you are renovating a room). Before you pick any type of finishing, it is important to look at the pros and cons.  (more...)

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